of service


The service includes the following:

(i) Registration and access to the site: the user enters his username and password to access the site and all its services;

(ii) Creation and publication of a product page (technical data sheet): creation of a product page related to the type of product, consisting in the compilation by the Manufacturer of the product page form for the product in question, including 3D modelling of the product image (separate fee). The product page consists of a single web page describing the product and specifying the building industry standards to which it conforms (per UNI - Italian national standards organisation), accompanied by BIM (Building Information Modelling) data; the Manufacturer declares that he accepts the technical and graphical standards employed in creating the product page in full (including, without limitation: web structure and pagination, forms, dimensions and colours of layout, positioning of links, etc.). Each product page presents a single commercial product. The time required to create a page will depend on work in progress and Clickm3 is not obliged to observe any deadlines or schedules requested by the Manufacturer.